Filippos Exadaktylos

I am a behavioural economist. I am studying under what conditions people cooperate, with a focus on multicultural differences. Currently I am Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Reading and lecturer at the University of Middlesex. I was previously working at the Behavioural Economic Team of the European Commission (JRC, Ispra).

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  • NameFilippos Exadaktylos
  • Date of Birth25.07.1983
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  • SociaLog

    Social Capital, Institutional Accessibility and Local Governance

  • This is the Marie Curie project running from 2016-2017. The focus is about understanding why people in some countries are more civic citizens than in others. Why for example Germans are more honest taxpayers than Greeks and why North Americans are more respectful of the public spaces than Indians? Are they fundamentally different people or do they simply respond to different country rules? More formally, is it deep-routed historical differences in social cultures that give rise to different civic and social behaviors or is it different contemporary institutions that motive different civic behavior? Over the last two years, I have been running laboratory experiment in various European countries in order to measure the correlation between Institutional quality and civic behavior.